Kentucky Democratic Party

Though the 30-day short legislative session is winding down, a one-year budget must still be passed.

It’s Halloween today, which got me thinking… what is the scariest thing I could think of? It didn’t take me long to figure it out: four more years of Matt Bevin as governor. 

Rather than live through that nightmare, I’m personally asking for your help this weekend. As you may know, this weekend is “Get Out The Vote” or GOTV weekend. It’s our last chance to make sure our supporters get out and vote on November 5. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mike Broihier wants to take on Mitch McConnell next year. But Broihier has his priorities straight this year. We are glad to see he is supporting all of our endorsed candidates in Tuesday's election. We appreciate the sentiment in the following email from the Democratic senate candidate:  

Years ago, I was recruiting for the Marine Corps and worked with a Gunnery Sergeant who was a huge fan of motivational speaker Zig Ziglar. He got our team tickets to see the legendary sales trainer because recruiting is sales with a very difficult product to sell.

"None of us want to wake up on November the sixth thinking if we'd just done a little bit more, we could have pulled this thing out."  -- Andy Beshear


"None of us want to wake up on November the sixth thinking if we'd just done a little bit more, we could have pulled this thing out."  -- Andy Beshear

Andy Beshear, governor; Jacqueline Coleman, lieutenant governor

Greg Stumbo, attorney general

At the Kentucky League of Cities conference last month, Gov. Matt Bevin told a story about the former governor of Florida and the governor of Texas. The two men, at the time in charge of the fourth and second largest economies in the United States, were one-upping each other about the number of jobs they were adding in their states. As they went back and forth, Bevin said he butted in with an analogy.


Four years ago, 16% of Kentuckians cast their vote for Matt Bevin, 13% voted for the Democratic nominee, and 1% voted for an independent candidate. However, 70% of registered voters in Kentucky (2,228,155 people) did not vote.

70% of registered Kentucky voters did not vote for Bevin. He was elected by 16% of the people.


“We’re four years into the next 20, 40, 60 years. It will take that long to get what we truly want done,” said Matt Bevin during a recent bus tour through Calloway County.

But I have news for you. The truth is that it may take 20, 40, or 60 years to undo the damage that this governor and the Republican party are doing to the state.

Last month, Kentucky courts finally unsealed records that revealed some of the manipulative, predatory tactics that one opioid manufacturer, Janssen, used to attack our state.

They lied about the addictive nature of opioids, knowing full-well what hell they would unleash.

They trained their sales representatives to overcome "obstacles," or plainly put, to lie to our doctors about their side effects.