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Though the 30-day short legislative session is winding down, a one-year budget must still be passed.


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In response to a series of new reports from the Louisville Courier-Journal about Matt Bevin's excessive use of the taxpayer-funded state plane for political fundraising, including to pay off personal loans to his 2015 campaign, Andy Beshear is calling out the governor in a new video


Bevin raised nearly $1 million “with the aid of state aircraft,” including “at least 15 different reelection fundraisers” in the first eight months of 2019

Hi all - I just wanted to pass along that State Representative Angie Hatton is slamming Matt Bevin following multiple new Courier-Journal reports today detailing how the governor's secretive use of the state plane has excessively focused on raising campaign donations.

Frankfort, Ky. - In case you missed it, last week the Kansas City Star put a huge spotlight on GOP nominee for Secretary of State, MIchael Adams, and his connection to multiple scandals involving the disgraced former Governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens.

The race for Attorney General has been one of the nastiest ones on record, filled with innuendo, lawsuits and cease and desist orders, reflecting two candidates at either end of the spectrum of politics, age and experience. It’s not an easy choice.

It’s no secret that Matt Bevin’s campaign is floundering. Between fighting with his own lieutenant governor, shaking up his campaign team and trailing in most polls, his dysfunctional campaign has been making D.C. Republicans very nervous.

And now Politico is reporting:

“The White House is planning an 11th-hour push to stave off an embarrassing defeat for the Republican governor of Kentucky…”

Imagine this: you show up and try to vote, your legal right and privilege, only to find out you can't.

Because your name was wrongly purged from the voter rolls. And now you cannot vote, cannot have your say in Kentucky's future.

It's not too far-fetched. Back when I was your attorney general for the first time, partisan bureaucrats wrongly purged more than 8,000 voters from the rolls. It was a pretty naked attempt to skew the results, don't you think?