From Tammy Berlin, vice president, Jefferson County Teachers Association:

Can you spread the word to keep up our momentum?

Yesterday we asked our fellow Kentuckians to show their opposition to Scholarship Tax Credits (HB205) by calling their legislators and leaving a message for them on the Kentucky Legislative Hotline. Many people stepped up and made those calls, and we were able to overwhelm the LRC message center for a good deal of the evening. That kind of coordinated effort from public school activists makes a real difference with legislators. For the first time, legislators reported to us that they were actually receiving more calls against HB 205 than for it.  WAY TO GO!  

House Bill 205 (Scholarship Tax Credits) was heard for discussion only in the House Appropriations and Revenue committee today.  Under HB205 a family of four could make over $90K and still get a “scholarship” for any private school. These “scholarships” are funded by taxes under this bill.    

Fox News has always been partisan. But has it become propaganda?


Voters in five Eastern Kentucky counties will decide Tuesday who should replace former state Senate Minority Floor Leader Ray Jones in a special election marked by mudslinging.

Wheeler campaign sends illegal mailers to patients of family medical practice, violating campaign finance law and the medical code of conduct

With less than 11 hours until polls open, Eastern Kentucky voters wait for apology or clarification from Wheeler

From Bill Finn, State Director, Kentucky State Building and Construction Trades Council

Tomorrow,  a special election will take place for State Senate District 31 in Elliott, Lawrence, Martin, Morgan and Pike counties.

Please communicate to your members and ask for the support of our endorsed candidate Darrell Pugh for Senate.

Teachers and superintendents agree - at a time when school funding adjusted for inflation is less than it was in 2008, we cannot afford a giveaway to private schools that starts at $25 million and just goes up and up. -- Brent McKim, president, Jefferson County Teachers Association
HB 205 is a school voucher bill posing as tuition tax credits.  It would award huge tax credits to rich Kentuckians  to incentivize their children attending private schools. We as a state need to generate more revenue for our public schools and educator