EDITOR'S NOTE: Production workers at the plant belong to UAW Local 862.


UPDATE: The jefferson County Teacher’s Association endorsed Edelen, according to the campaign‘s Daniel Hurt. Laborers’ Local 576 in Louisville and Covington Professional Fi

Matt Bevin has proven he has no guiding ethical principles when it comes to undermining the rights of those he disagrees with, and we are not surprised by his latest actions. Educators have not and will not fall victim to threats and intimidation no matter where it comes from. Whether it’s Commissioner Lewis or his Labor Cabinet doing his bidding, the governor’s petty political maneuvers will not deter KEA and our members from our mission to advocate for a quality education for every child in Kentucky.


FRANKFORT — The state government lawyer hearing the case to set the property tax value of Gov. Matt Bevin’s Anchorage mansion was appointed to his job by Bevin and was a donor to his 2015 gubernatorial campaign.

As hearing officer in the case, Patrick Flannery will consider evidence and procedural motions, preside over any hearings and recommend orders to the three-member Kentucky Claims Commission that will set a value on the Bevin house in the hotly contested and high-profile case.

The following is a statement from Marisa McNee, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson, regarding the governor’s call for another costly special session:

Frankfort, KY — “Once again, Kentucky Republicans want to get paid extra for work they should have already done — costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.”

"Union organizations have provided for millions of formerly inarticulate citizens the forum in which to hammer out policies affecting the world in which they live and which their children will inherit. And not only have they hammered out policies, but they have developed techniques and resources for implementing those policies."

By Paul Krugman, NYTimes

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and Republican claims about health care.

I’m sorry to report the passing of Brother Brad Whitledge, Business Representative of the IKORCC. Details of visitation are available here

Bill Finn

State Director

Kentucky State Building and Construction Trades Council

Donald Trump insists that the economy is booming and will continue to boom because of him. As usual, you could have a spirited debate over whether Trump is intentionally lying or just ignorant, or you could just decide it doesn’t matter since the outcome is the same: Trump’s brags and promises are lies and hot air. In contrast with Trump’s puffery, business economists are predicting a slowdown.

Today is the closing day of this year's General Assembly. The legislature can use this day to override any of Governor Bevin's vetoes, if they choose. They can also pass legislation, but since this is the last day, they have no recourse if the governor vetoes what they pass.

Some guides to what could happen today:

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