EDITOR'S NOTE: We all need reminders. So here are a couple. First, don't forget who's with you and who's not. Rep.

The federal government will be increasing Kentucky’s supply of COVID-19 vaccines by 17 percent, Gov. Andy Beshear announced Tuesday.

From Bill Londrigan:

It is my sad duty to inform you that Brother Bob Bracey, long time member and NALC representative and Treasurer of the GLCLC passed away this morning.  Bob was a good friend and solid trade unionist and he will be missed.  I will send out the arrangements when they become available.  Please keep Bob and his family in your thoughts and prayers. 

In Solidarity, Bill.

After the chambers adjourned on Wednesday, the special committee to hear the Beshear impeachment petition met. The committee set its rules and appointed a clerk. One of the rules is that if the petition is not successful (in other words, Beshear is not impeached), the petitioners have to bear all costs of the proceedings, including attorney fees and legislator time.

The committee asked Governor Beshear to respond by January 22, and then the petitioners to respond to Beshear's response by January 26. The next meeting of the committee will be January 27.

Last week, the world watched a mob of domestic terrorists storm the U.S. Capitol, attacking our country and democracy. We must name the role white supremacy played: their special treatment as they roamed inside the Capitol, and the racist conspiracies and language that led them to Washington, D.C., that day.

This cannot happen again. To build a strong labor movement that protects all working people right now and in the future, we must unite against systemic racism and economic injustice.

Thanks to Jeff Wiggins for sending us this.

"Stand! tells the important story of the power of collective action. Workers should see this film to learn not only about labor history but the important value of fighting for our rights and greater justice." -Richard Trumka, President, AFL-CIO

Hello. It's Danny Schur, composer/producer/co-writer of the new Hollywood, labor movie musical Stand! - now streaming on virtual cinema across America.