The times? Well, for all that they change, you can bet that a few things aren't all that different.

Take people trying to rip you off. Scammers.


AFT Local 1360

Memo to David Eggert and Sara Burnett of the Associated Press: UAW President Gary Jones isn’t a “Democratic union boss.” Neither are union officials, period.

In their story about the UAW strike at GM, the scribes wrote that when Donald Trump ran for president, he “pulled key voters away from their Democratic union bosses.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: Not surprisingly, Gov. Matt Bevin, Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Brett Guthrie, the latter two from Bowling Green, haven't showed up on the picket line.  

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At least Richard Nixon had the good sense to resist releasing the “smoking gun” tape until finally forced to do so by the Supreme Court. That is because Nixon, the worst criminal to occupy the Oval Office until now, at least had a modicum of moral sense and self-awareness. He knew what he had said was wrong — he was heard plotting to use the CIA to shut down the FBI investigation of Watergate — and he realized that the tape’s release would be devastating to him.


LOUISVILLE, KY — On Tuesday, the Director of Policy and Gov. Affairs for a partisan, out-of-state interest group, that supports the re-election of Governor Matt Bevin, attacked a reporter for calling their most recent campaign ad ‘transphobic.’ The comments come after 

Andy Beshear is responding to a new investigative report from WEKU that reveals: "Matt Bevin’s administration hired a physician to lead the state’s infectious disease office just months after the Department of Veterans Affairs dismissed that doctor for ‘egregious’ medical misconduct."

“...a potentially ominous sign for the Republican incumbent.”


Frankfort, Ky. - Matt Bevin’s campaign is in shambles, with Politico reporting on an “ominous” staff shake up after the governor spent all last week facing questions from taxpayers about his use of the state-owned aircraft for personal and political uses.