EDITOR'S NOTE: McGrath is the Kentucky State AFl-CIO endorsed candidate for the US Senate.

By AMY McGrath

EDITOR'S NOTE FROM BILL LONDRIGAN, Kentucky State AFL-CIO president: "We need to keep the pressure on McConnell.   We need to keep calling 866-832-1560 to McConnell’s office and tell him to do his job!  More press below on McConnell’s lack of leadership on the Heroes Act:


AFT Local 1360

The Mitch McConnell Retirement Committee didn't mince words in naming its Monday afternoon protest in Lexington: "Masked and Mad as Hell, pro-HEROES, Anti-Mitch Rally."

"We’re focusing on everyone Mitch has abandoned by failing to lead and pass the HEROES Act - so we'd love for union members to attend and speak out," said Aaron Viles, MMRC chair.

Viles promised that all present will be masked and will practice social distancing. He encouraged everyone to bring his or her own mask 

Thanks to Bill Londrigan for sending us this. 

Joblessness is high, benefits are running out and local leaders say they need the kind of aid that the Senate’s most powerful figure has yet to endorse


McConnell paid Lycan over $20,000 in 2014 during re-election bid

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A new FBI affidavit ties Sen. Mitch McConnell’s political ally and former staffer to a $60 million corruption scheme. This latest scandal is another consequence of McConnell’s efforts to encourage corporations to buy politicians and ensure dark money can continue to rule politics.

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Alliance for Retired Americans

Statement of Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, on President Trump’s Continuing Assault on Social Security and Medicare.

“Donald Trump has spent 2020 telling the American public that he wants to cut Social Security and Medicare.

The Kentucky State AFL-CIO asks members and local community partners to participate in the national 8/11 Fast on Tuesday.

Participants can RSVP through this link: