The times? Well, for all that they change, you can bet that a few things aren't all that different.

Take people trying to rip you off. Scammers.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first in a series of articles on the convention. 

Ashley Snider was elected vice president of the Kentucky State AFL-CIO at the federation's 33rd biennial convention which concluded Tuesday in Lexington.

Snider will replace Ken Koch, who retired.

Snider is a member of IUE-CWA Local 83761 in Louisville and a trustee for the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council.

Want to know what I'm all about? Well, it's simple.

I think it's the job of the attorney general to stand up and fight regardless of political party.

I mean, that typically should go without saying, right? But, seems like in these tricky days that too many politicians put party over people.

That's my promise to you, as your attorney general, I'll put the people of Kentucky first and work to root out corruption in all its forms.


Frankfort, KY -- The following is a statement from Kentucky Democratic Party Chair, Ben Self, on the injunction granted Monday by the Franklin Circuit Court, against the State Board of Elections: 

Andy Beshear is calling out Matt Bevin on social media for falsely claiming on video, "there is nothing that has ever been advocated at the state or federal level, that would ever take away somebody’s health care coverage due to a pre-existing condition."
In particular, Beshear said that claim is "1


Frankfort, Ky. - In case you missed it, State Representatives Derrick Graham, Joni Jenkins and Angie Hatton unveiled new legislative proposals that would boost transparency in government, including new rules to require the governor to disclose the use of state-owned aircraft for personal or political purposes. 

It's time to play a game that people in politics like to call "follow the money."

I'll start: your grassroots contributions to my campaign are a straight line. They go right from you to our effort to restore accountability to Kentucky's attorney general's office.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tony Evers beat Wisconsin's union-busting Gov. Scott Walker last November. Walker is a hero of Matt Bevin, Kentucky's union-busting governor.

When I got into the race for governor, nobody thought a lifelong educator could win in one of the most competitive governor’s races in the country.

With 26 days until Election Day, a political science professor at the University of Louisville is telling the Courier-Journal: "Education will play a prominent role in this upcoming election. There's no doubt about that."