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House Minority Leader Rocky Adkins has picked up two more union endorsements for Tuesday's Democratic gubernatorial primary. 

Adkins, Attorney Gen. Andy Beshear and former auditor Adam Edelen are the frontrunners for their party's nod. Perennial candidate Geoff Young rounds out the field.

All but Young have union endorsements, though Adkins apparently has the most.


The heads of the state legislature, led by the GOP majority, chose a Republican partisan staff member as the new director of the Legislative Research Commission, meaning that he will supervise the non-partisan staff as well.

Public Policy Polling has released the results of a recent poll of Kentucky voters, and they don’t look good for Matt Bevin.

In a poll of 676 Kentucky voters, 53% had an unfavorable opinion of the governor, with only 34% on the favorable side. In addition, when these voters were asked to choose between re-electing Bevin or electing any Democrat, Bevin lost by 10 points, 49% to 39%. Among independents, Bevin lost by 28 points, 49% to 21%.

In comparison, the same poll found a 55% favorable opinion of President Trump.


With just a week left until election day in the Kentucky Democratic gubernatorial primary, candidates were grilled Monday on the specifics of the plans they have been touting throughout the state.

Attorney General Andy Beshear and former Auditor Adam Edelen criticized each other, House Minority Leader Rocky Adkins was put on the spot about his role in the pension crisis and all three candidates were left justifying their plans for more revenue in a state with an extremely tight budget.


The top Democrats seeking their party's nomination for Kentucky governor were put on their heels Monday with specific questions about how to overcome Republican supermajorities in the legislature.


FRANKFORT — The Bevin administration illegally withheld from public release an actuarial analysis of the governor's original "Keeping the Promise" plan to reform Kentucky's troubled pension system, Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd ruled Thursday.

Moreover, Shepherd, who was able to review the withheld analysis in considering his decision, said that it raised concerns that "call into question the effectiveness" of Bevin's sweeping pension reform plan.


Frankfort KY— On Thursday, a Kentucky mom who lost her son to a drug overdose in 2014 penned an open letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell calling for him to stop selling drug-themed shirts as part of his campaign fundraising and donate the money raised to addiction recovery services in the state.

For too long, employers have been able to violate the National Labor Relations Act without facing serious consequences, routinely denying working people the basic right to join with co-workers to make our jobs better.