EDITOR'S NOTE: We all need reminders. So here are a couple. First, don't forget who's with you and who's not. Rep.

The federal government will be increasing Kentucky’s supply of COVID-19 vaccines by 17 percent, Gov. Andy Beshear announced Tuesday.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Matewan, which is about the Mine Wars, is one of my favorite movies and a must-see, especially if you pack a union card. Matewan was among the films I’d offer my American history students for extra credit. My wife and I were privileged to visit the previous West Virginia Mine Wars Museum, and Blair Mountain in 2018. The museum was closed when we were in Matewan, which is in Mingo County just over the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River from Pike County, Ky.


Here are two awful facts about the coronavirus pandemic: It has caused more than 419,000 deaths in the United States. And public health measures to contain it drove unemployment from 3.5 percent of the labor force to 6.7 percent, with lower-wage service workers hardest hit.


A motion has been filed requesting the immediate recusal of Rep. Jason Nemes from chairing, or even being a member of, the House impeachment committee.


Every two years, when a new U.S. Congress takes office, one of the first orders of business is getting organized. The House passes its “rules,” while the Senate passes an “organizing resolution.” The Senate resolution says who will be on what committees, who the chairs will be (all members of the majority), and other parts of the groundwork of the body. It’s normally passed easily and quickly, except when the Senate is evenly split, in which case it’s negotiated and then passed.

EDITOR'S NOTE: "Elections have conseqences," Kentucky State AFL-CIO President Bill Londrigan often says. Want more proof--as if proof were needed? Read this story.

President Joe Biden spent the first few days in office fulfilling his promise to Build Back Better for the American people, including his own workforce.  

Among a flurry of executive orders and memos to federal agencies were directives that directly affect work/life of federal workers:  


Executive Director, Kentucky Center for Economic Policy

The 2021 Kentucky General Assembly will reconvene in early February, and the remaining piece of essential business is agreement on a new state budget. The legislature faces a choice: deploy extra resources to build a bridge to the other side of this crisis, or pursue austerity and leave us facing a slower and more treacherous recovery.


State Representative Ed Massey has filed a bill, House Bill 258, to change the Kentucky Teachers Retirement Pension plan for teachers hired after Jan. 1, 2022. While Massey has some soothing words — as do others — do not be deceived. This is definitely an inferior retirement, and the opening salvo in a game of divide and conquer.