Dear Brothers and Sisters: Sen. Morgan McGarvey has introduced Senate Resolution 84 honoring our deceased friend and brother and former UAW Local 862 President Rocky Comito.  In Solidarity, Bill.

Click here to see the resolution: ttps://

Brothers and Sisters: I thought you might enjoy viewing Robert DeNiro’s SAG/AFTRA’s Lifetime Achievement Award Speech via the link below.  In Solidarity, Bill.

He believes he can get elected with 40-something percent of the vote by simply turning out his fact-free, zombie base.



Kentucky Democratic Party

Frankfort, KY-- On Wednesday, new Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams made it clear why Republicans are just now pushing a restrictive, unnecessary Voter ID bill despite having complete control of state government from 2015-2019 -- Moscow Mitch is up for re-election.

Men and women from several unions braved blowing snow and subfreezing temperatures to join Louisville's 48th Annual Pride Inc. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Motorcade and Rally Monday.

BEFORE THE Internet, there was the almanac. Every home seemed to have one of those yearly publications packed with all the wondrous data you could ever want to peruse: baseball standings, biographies of all the presidents, principal products of Portugal. And there, on one page (perhaps you’d never noticed it before), a column of numbers titled simply “Lynchings.” To many kids growing up in the 1940s, it was chilling to come across that word.


As we head into Donald Trump's impeachment trial next week, it's worth remembering this promise from Moscow Mitch McConnell: