1. The Bible forbids abortion.


Holed up in his quarters and protected by armed guards, the leader refuses to admit inevitable defeat.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Kentucky State AFL-CIO also endorsed Hicks. Click here to see a list of all of our endorsed candidates.

  1. Today (Oct. 9th) is the last day to request Vote By Mail Absentee Ballots. You have until 11:59pm EST tonight to request a ballot at GOVOTEKY.COM.
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Just wanted to send a quick reminder that today is the final day to request an absentee ballot in November’s election.

Any registered Kentuckian is eligible to vote by mail during the pandemic. I need this team’s help to make sure Kentuckians know about this safe, secure option to make their voices heard.

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Calls on McConnell to Pass the RECLAIM Act, Put Miners First

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- As Sen. Mitch McConnell continues to fail Kentucky through the worst economic and health crisis of our lifetime, retired Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath called on McConnell to make right on his failed promises to Kentucky’s coal miners by committing to passing the RECLAIM Act and changing bankruptcy laws to put coal miners before Wall Street. 

There have been a number of questions about absentee ballots, especially about what happens if you make a mistake. So, we contacted the Board of Elections, and they laid it out for us. And, as the old saying goes, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

If there’s a problem with your signature

Under Kentucky law, if you vote absentee, your signature on the absentee ballot envelope has to match another copy of your signature (your “signature of record”) available to the election officials in your county.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In her remarks, McGrath again voiced support for unions and more good-paying union jobs.


Retired Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath promises to take a COVID-19 test before her Monday debate with six-term Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell.

The Democrat expects her opponent to do likewise. “It’s about setting the example,” she said during an outdoor stop at a McGrath-for-Senate sign-bedecked Kiwanis Park in Mayfield, the Graves County seat.

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WASHINGTON, Sept. 9, 2020 – President Trump’s promises to revitalize U.S. manufacturing, pledges that American workers “won’t lose one plant” and declarations that “they are all coming back” have been broken time and time again during his term of office.

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris announced the steps that they will take to stop outsourcing, including a series of executive actions during their first days in office.