During his final push to raise support among voters in Eastern Kentucky, Andy Beshear shook hands with one of his supporters in Floyd County and made his case: “We come out of Eastern Kentucky with a good vote, we win.”

It's an old saying that you're only as good as your word.

Well, an attorney general is only as good as their record.

  • When Big Pharma poured opioids into our commonwealth, I became the first AG in the nation to sue the opioid companies.

  • When victims of rape and sexual assault were paying for their own testing, I fixed that so brave survivors who came forward wouldn't be punished for seeking justice.

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, join Working America in voting for more jobs in Kentucky and vote Andy Beshear for governor.

Beshear will support investing in more good-paying jobs and training so that our workforce is ready to lead the sectors of today and tomorrow.


AFT Local 1360

Matt Bevin has spent nearly four years torturing the truth. 

Remember Blazing SaddlesBlazing Britches would be the perfect title for a Matt Bevin (or Donald Trump) biopic.


All my "thug" teacher friends will be voting for Andy Beshear.  

After all the insults Gov. Matt Bevin has thrown in the path of teachers, plus more mandates, no raises and accusations that they are responsible for child molestation, a teacher really would be as stupid as he thinks we are to vote for him.  


On Tuesday, Nov. 5, voters in Kentucky will elect our next governor.

The person we elect will cast important votes on issues such as raising the minimum wage, fighting for affordable health care and protecting pensions.

Working America supports candidates based on issues, not political party. We’re supporting Andy Beshear because he’s the candidate who supports working people every day. He’ll fight to bring more good-paying jobs to Kentucky and to be sure our interests are represented.

The Kentucky State Fraternal Order of Police held a press conference with Attorney General Andy Beshear in Covington today. The KY State FOP discussed why they endorsed Beshear in the race for governor.