AFT Local 1360

Thanks to Liles Taylor for sending us this. 

Statement from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the increase in union density in 2020:


Kentucky State Building and Construction Trades Council state director

Kentucky workers have endured the worst period in our history under Gov. Matt Bevin. Bevin has spearheaded a continuous stream of anti-labor bills filed to lower the wages, benefits and protections of workers. No other state in the nation has had to endure these reductions as Kentucky has. 

See below for a comment from the Beshear/Coleman campaign on the report from Politico this evening that the "White House is planning an 11th-hour push to stave off an embarrassing defeat for the Republican governor of Kentucky."

What do you call it when Kentucky families are being torn apart by opioids?

I call it a crisis. A challenge for our time.

My opponent calls it a business opportunity.

I am proud to have been one of the first Attorneys General to argue that reckless overprescribing and distribution of opioids was a public nuisance that was killing Kentuckians.


ROGERS, Ky. — In Eastern Kentucky's Red River Gorge area, an 18-foot replica of President Donald Trump's border wall is being scaled not only by experienced mountain climbers, but by novices and young children.

One climber even scaled it while juggling.

"You don't tell a climber that something can't be climbed or that it's impossible," said Rick Weber, the 75-year-old mountain climber who built the replica. "That's just a challenge."


AFT Local 1360

Greg Stumbo wants his old job back, but his campaign is going to the dogs.

Okay, just one--a pup named Theo. "He's a good dog, and he knows a good candidate when he sees one," said Meredith Scalos, Stumbo-for-attorney-general campaign director of operations and spokesperson.   

Team Stumbo knows a good prop, too. Theo's picture is featured in a fund-raising email for Stumbo, who was AG in 2004-2008.

A political science professor at the University of Louisville is telling the Courier-Journal: "Education will play a prominent role in this upcoming election. There's no doubt about that."