Governor Beshear called for two special elections for the state House to be held on February 25.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Lee is fiercely anti-union and richly deserves his place on the USW District 8 "


AFT Local 1360

The UA is out with an eight-minute video that ought to be shown in every union hall from Paducah to Pikeville before Nov. 8.

It features straight talk from UA members--active and retired--and from Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer. Their message: If the Republicans flip the House on Nov. 8, unions lose all.

They’re not crying wolf. The wolf is at our door.  


AFT Local 1360

The Greatest Generation is down another hero. Chester William Hack died peacefully in a Paducah nursing home on Sunday. He was 95.

Services will be 1 p.m. (CDT) Thursday at Paducah’s Milner and Orr Funeral Home, 120 Memorial Dr.

Ivanka Trump took the stage at CES on Tuesday to muted reception. Forty minutes later, she left to robust applause. No surprise, maybe, given the uncontroversial theme: The US needs to prepare workers for the future. At a technology-focused show, that’s not exactly a hard sell. But a closer look at the Trump administration’s attitude toward work—and workers—belies her pitch and invites a question: Whose future is it we’re preparing for?

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Income for middle-class Americans is growing more slowly than for both top earners and the poor, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The analysis comes two years after President Donald Trump enacted the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a major overhaul in the nation's tax laws billed by the White House as a boon for the middle class.

Several recent decisions by the National Labor Relations Board would make it harder for workers to unionize. However, labor unions refused to take these decisions lying down.

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A former United States senator did not mince words when speaking about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's management of the upper chamber of Congress.

After a quarter century of suffering under the failed North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and 18 months of hard-fought negotiations, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) is now proud to endorse a better deal for working people: the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USCMA), which passed with bipartisan support in the House of Representatives on Thursday, while the Senate is expected to hold a vote on the bill in the new year.

A top national labor leader is touting a new multilateral trade deal, and says his union side much improved the Trump administration's initial proposal.

The comments from Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, came Wednesday, just before the House overwhelmingly approved the pact called the USMCA.

The new deal between the United States, Mexico and Canada, which now heads to the Senate, would replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA.

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