Governor Beshear called for two special elections for the state House to be held on February 25.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Lee is fiercely anti-union and richly deserves his place on the USW District 8 "

The five-year fight to expand overtime pay to millions of workers is over.


The other day, I heard a liberal Democratic congresswoman say on TV that Republican lawmakers won’t call out the bigot-in-chief because they’re scared of him.

Maybe some are. But it's not just profiles in cowardice. Trumpism is triumphant in the GOP.

It's a toxic stew of racism, sexism, nativism, greed, union-busting, religious intolerance, anti-environmentalism and saber-rattling--as long as somebody else does the fighting--served up. Its ladeled lut by the GOP Senate majority and House minority and lapped up by the base. 

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has met with the head of the largest U.S. labor group, the AFL-CIO.

Lopez Obrador’s office said Wednesday he promised AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka that Mexico will enforce new, stricter labor laws. He also called for ratification of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada free trade agreement.

President Trump took to Twitter on Labor Day to attack AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, slamming him for his criticism of Trump’s trade deals. The AFL-CIO is the country’s largest coalition of more than 50 major unions and represents some 12.5 million American workers, from pilots to teachers.

Presidential candidates are going all out to win over working-class Americans.

Despite its setbacks, or perhaps because of them, organized labor has an energy level that AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka says he hasn’t seen before in his 50 years with the movement.

As socialists look out at the horizon of the struggle for a radically reformed society, we should try, like good Marxists, to anticipate where and with whom conflicts are likely to arise and how we are going to deal with those challenges.

A year and a half later, sleepless but amped up on coffee and solidarity from a 29-hour marathon final bargaining session, I celebrated with the rest of the bargaining committee, made up of select union members who negotiated directly with the company, as the union and Vox Media management reached a contract agreement.

I had done a complete 180 on unions.