Forbes says President Donald Trump is a billionaire, but he’s more than a billion dollars in debt.

McGrath wants funds for schools, state and local governments, national plan and resources for testing-and-tracing program

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Retired Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath said Sen. Mitch McConnell’s failure to have federal funding in place to replace expiring unemployment insurance benefits and the Paycheck Protection Program is yet another example of his letting down Kentucky families and small businesses and of his weak leadership during a time of crisis. 

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AFT Local 1360

As expected, the Kentucky State AFL-CIO today endorsed Democrat Amy McGrath for the U.S. Senate. 

"She has pledged her support for working people and unions and her opponent has spent his entire career in Washington trying to destroy the labor movement," said Bill Londrigan, state AFL-CIO president.

The voters of Kentucky roundly support the key provisions of the HEROES coronavirus relief bill from House Democrats, and roundly oppose Sen. Mitch McConnell’s push to reopen schools in the middle of the pandemic. That’s what Public Policy Polling (PPP) found in a poll conducted July 17-18 in Kentucky for Protect Our Care.

This, by the way, was a group of 1,547 Kentucky voters who won for Donald Trump in 2016, 57% to 33%. That’s 24-point margin for Trump.

Kentucky Democratic Party
Frankfort, KY Mitch McConnell’s latest TV ad features a cast of eyebrow raising characters: individuals who have mocked the coronavirus pandemic, a company whose vice president routinely posts racist, inflammatory content on social media, and a woman appears to have been recruited to be in the ad via Mitch McConnell’s Senate office.

UPDATE: Keep calling!

UPDATE: From Jeff Wiggins, Kentucky State AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer, read Experts expect 'massive human suffering' if GOP lets jobless benefit expire by Emily Singer in The American Independent