Join us tomorrow night (June 15th) at 6pm EDT for a Workers' Rights Town Hall, hosted by our friends at the Kentucky Equal Justice Center, featuring Congressman John Yarmuth, State Rep.



We’re used to union-haters lying about us.

One of their standby falsehoods is the bogus claim that all unions care about is ourselves.

Tuesday‘s rally in support of the protesting Harlan County miners is more proof—as if it were needed—that organized labor sticks up for more than our own.


Kentucky State AFL-CIO

Brothers and Sisters

Yesterday we joined the UMWA and UMWA Secretary-Treasurer Levi Allen in holding a rally in support of the miners who have lost their jobs at the Blackjewel mine in Harlan County.

The miners are extremely appreciative of the financial and moral support they have received.  


LAS VEGAS ― Nineteen Democratic presidential hopefuls descended on Las Vegas Saturday and made their case directly to union workers for how they would fix an economic system that caters to the rich.


For the last week, a group of non-union coal miners has been blockading a train full of over $1 million worth of coal from leaving Blackjewel’s Cloverlick mine in Harlan County, Kentucky. 


Frankfort, KY— On Monday, Mitch McConnell’s Senate campaign and the Republican Party of Kentucky came under fire for promoting imagery depicting the death of his political opponents and for an image of young men in Team Mitch attire choking and kissing a cardboard cutout of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Here are the questions that remain unanswered by Team Mitch and the Republican Party of Kentucky:

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the early death of a labor hero: UAW President Walter Reuther. Reuther helped to form the labor movement as a force for not only workers’ rights, but women’s rights, civil rights, environmentalism and social justice, too. 

Kentucky’s new pension law, which provides financial incentives for regional universities, county health departments and dozens of other quasi-governmental agencies to exit the state pension system, is a “negative” for the state’s credit rating, the credit rating agency Moody’s said Monday.

From the Kentucky Democratic Party

Frankfort, KY — The Kentucky Democratic Party is calling on U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell to remove inflammatory and violent imagery from his campaign Twitter account.