EDITOR'S NOTE: We got this from Lt. Col. Gene Nettles, U.S. Army retired, who lives in Fulton County, as far west as Kentucky goes.

EDITOR'S NOTE FROM BILL LONDRIGAN, Kentucky State AFL-CIO president: "We need to keep the pressure on McConnell.   We need to keep calling 866-832-1560 to McConnell’s office and tell h


AFT Local 1360

Daniel Hurt, 24, of Grand Rivers, earned the Youth Labor Award at the Kentucky State AFL-CIO Convention in Lexington Monday night.

"It was a religious experience," said a grinning Hurt after hearing UMWA President Cecil Roberts raise the roof during his keynote address to about 150 cheering and clapping delegates, family and friends at the Embassy Suites hotel.   


AFT Local 1360

The day after Republican Matt Bevin was elected governor, a teacher who voted for Democrat Jack Conway walked into her public school and ran into a small huddle of angry teachers.

"We're ready to go to Frankfort and protest!" griped one, speaking for the group. "We voted for Bevin, but we didn't know he was going to hurt our pensions."


AFT Local 1360

This senior citizen has a hard time figuring out computerized, check-yourself-in airport kiosks.

Like Blanche DuBois, “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” So, I’m grateful to nice folks who are still around to check me in the old way.

“Thank you so very much,” I gushed with profound appreciation to the woman who sped my wife and me to our homeward flight from London's Heathrow airport last summer. (I'm pretty sure she belonged to the UNITE union.) 

We thank Kentuckian Michelle Blau of the AFL-CIO in Washington for sending us this news release.

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AFT Local 1360

Steve Schmidt flat called Donald Trump a racist on TV and challenged Republican bigwigs to tell the president “enough’s enough” with his bigoted rants. 

They won’t, of course.

Thanks to the New Kentucky Project for sharing this with us.


FRANKFORT – Committee members heard from the directors of the three major state pensions, Kentucky Retirement System (KRS), Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System (KTRS) and Judicial Form Retirement System (KJFRS) at the Public Pension Oversight Board meeting on Monday, to find our what is needed to fund the systems during the next biennium, and got an earful from a retired Frankfort EMT and firefighter.


Are the Democrats poised to hit the comeback trail in Kentucky? One of the red state Bluegrass State’s youngest Democratic leaders says yes.

“We’ll pick up as many as 9 House seats next year,” said Daniel Hurt, 23, a member of the state party central committee, and the party chair in Livingston County, where he lives in Grand Rivers.


WASHINGTON ― Obamacare repeal is in shambles. Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker ― a key GOP leader ― is calling it quits. And on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) got even more bad news: An anti-gay, Islamophobic former judge easily won the Senate GOP nomination in Alabama.