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Sarah Jordan wants you to know her father’s name.

The American Bar Association had rated the new nominee, Judge Justin Walker, as unqualified, but he has strong conservative support



AFT Local 1360

Poor bilious Bevin. He’s been bookended by beloved Beshears.

From the AFL-CIO: Senate fails to advance coronavirus bill, Trumka on C-SPAN and more

On Sunday, Senate Democratic leaders blocked the proposed Republican coronavirus stimulus bill from moving forward. The proposed bill would have put money in the hands of corporations instead of working people who have been left behind in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In exchange, the AFL-CIO is asking the Senate to bring forward a better deal that protects health care workers and assists employees who have been laid off. 

As teachers around our commonwealth worked tirelessly last week to adjust to the new normal of teaching for the foreseeable future, our Senate voted to withhold funding for the Teachers' Retirement System (TRS). Late Thursday, the Senate passed a budget proposal to essentially hold hostage nearly 1 BILLION dollars in funding for TRS if structural changes, such as benefit cuts, are not made for new teachers.

Kentucky Building Trades Affiliates,

North America’s Building Trades Unions has developed a webpage with numerous resources  and guidance for our members. Please share these links of CDC guidelines with your members on the COVID-19 virus.

Last Thursday evening, with the public barred from entering the Capitol and preoccupied with the current health crisis, the KY State Senate passed their version of the KY Executive Branch Budget (HB 352). Because the Senate made changes to the House's version of the budget, and the House did not concur with those changes, a Conference Committee has been appointed to broker a compromise budget. This provides us with an opportunity to make our voices heard, requesting that they fully fund the KY Labor Cabinet.