On this day in 1955, the AFL and CIO gathered at our first joint convention. Sixty-four years later, the AFL-CIO has so much to be proud of.


AFT Local 1360

At least Gov. Bevin is consistent. 

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I live in the East End of Louisville. I am a registered Republican. I am an evangelical Christian, pro-life, for traditional marriage and as conservative as you can get. I have boasted to my friends for years that I have never voted for a Democrat.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jeff Taylor of Hopkinsville chairs the Christian County Democratic Executive Committee and and formerly represented House District 8 in the General Assembly. The Kentucky State AFL-CIO endorsed Taylor.


“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”-- Henry Ford.  The recent win of Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear as governor-elect brings this quote to mind.

IT WOULD be wrong to overinterpret the results of Tuesday’s elections, especially with regard to what they might portend for 2020. There’s no reason to underinterpret them, either. The vote counts from Kentucky, Virginia and elsewhere represent the latest hard data about voter tendencies and, on the whole, they imply that, even in longtime Southern bastions of Republican conservatism, people support a pragmatic, progressive direction in policy — and a decent, inclusive style of leadership.


Counting down …

“Can you believe it? Less than a year,” Donald Trump told a rally in Kentucky this week, looking forward to election 2020.

Not nearly as much as we are, Don.


A growing number of Republican lawmakers are urging Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, a fellow Republican, to either provide evidence of the voting “irregularities” he has alleged or concede Tuesday’s election to Gov.-elect Andy Beshear, who defeated him by 5,189 votes.


AFT Local 1360

Gov. Matt Bevin, who lost his bid for a second term on Tuesday, might be trotting out the warmup act for his hero next year.

Bevin is questioning the results of Tuesday's close election by charging "a number of significant irregularities" in the balloting. Democrat Andy Beshear beat him by about 5,000 votes. 

You can bet Donald Trump, who stumped for Bevin in Lexington Monday night, will somehow try to contest the vote next November, if it's close and he loses.