LOUISVILLE, Ky. — It was before sunrise when more than 30 youth activists began their march to the home of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a politician who's been in office longer than they've been alive.

Wearing black shirts and masks, they walked down Bardstown Road shortly after 6 a.m., carrying signs that said "Look us in the eyes" and "Wake up Mitch."


America is suffering under the crushing weight of three crises, which are a public health pandemic, an economic free fall, and structural racism. They are knotted together in that untangling one depends on how we untangle the others. For instance, structural racism is deeply ingrained in the share of black workers unemployed and dying from the coronavirus.


aEarlier this month, progressive political action group Meidas Touch posted an edited version of Ivanka Trump’s online commencement speech, which was cancelled by a university in Kansas.

The spot interspersed her words with the crackdown on protestors in Washington D.C. as well as soldiers occupying the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. It went viral, racking up almost 7 million views.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Kudos to everybody who got a mail-in absentee ballot for Tuesday's postponed primary. Meanwhile, between today and election day we're going to regularly post election news roundups. They'll mainly focus on the three-way Democratic senatorial primary contest to see who gets a chance to Ditch Mitch on Nov. 3. Your Kentucky State AFL-CIO COPE Committee unanimously voted "no recommendation" in the primary, thus freeing individual affiliated unions to support the candidate of their choice.