Let’s assume — for argument’s sake — that Senate Bill 2 has nothing to do with the grudge held by some prominent Kentucky Republicans against a certain Franklin Circuit judge.

Let’s pretend that Senate President Robert Stivers’ sole motive for sponsoring SB 2 is to strengthen Kentuckians’ trust in the courts by creating a more level playing field for lawsuits involving state government.

It’s still a stinkeroo.

It revealed the folly of the president’s approach to politics.

What a debacle President Trump’s shutdown proved to be — what a toddler’s pageant of foot-stomping and incompetence, of vainglory and self-defeat. Mr. Trump tormented public servants and citizens and wounded the country, and, in conceding on Friday after holding the government hostage for 35 days, could claim to have achieved nothing.


Something funny happened on the way to the labor movement’s funeral.

Thanks to Bill Barry for sending us tjhis.

By Con Carbon, Minstrel of the Mine Patch

WASHINGTON – American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr. today issued the following statement:

“For 35 days and counting, 800,000 federal employees have been locked out of their jobs or forced to work without pay due to an entirely deliberate government shutdown. The agreement reached by the White House and Congress would re-open the government for three weeks, allowing employees to start receiving paychecks for the first time this year.

Wednesday’s “Demand Mitch McConnell #CallTheVote and #StopTheShutdown” rally at his posh Lexington office attracted a platoon of TV and newspaper reporters. 

The protest, which lasted about an hour, was co-sponsored by the American Federation of Government Employees, the Kentucky State AFL-CIO and the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council. Several union members and supporters showed up from Louisville, southern Indiana and central Kentucky.

Many rode chartered busses from Jeffersonville, Ind., and Louisville.