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A study done by Wallethub found that Kentucky ranks near the bottom of state economies coming in at 45th.  This same website has the rankings of all the other states if you wish to take a gander at them.  As to their methodology:

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I have proudly served as a Republican state senator for nearly two decades, representing the 38th District including Jefferson and Bullitt counties. But my Kentucky values run deeper than my partisanship. There are things that are more important than whether there is a D or an R after your name.

What matters most to me is how we treat one another. 


AFT Local 1360

"In the current national nightmare, we need to laugh," says Roy Zimmerman and Melanie Harby's website. "And we need to hope."

new bombshell report from the Louisville Courier Journal details how the Bevin administration’s “investigative arm combed through superintendents' emails, Capitol visitors' logs and more than 12,700 sick-day entries” in their effort to threaten and bully educators. 

Kentucky Democratic Party

Frankfort, KY — In a new statement to the Lexington Herald-Leader today, the Bevin administration is doubling down on their plan to gut paycheck protections for Kentucky’s miners, stating: