Billy Graham’s granddaughter says, “This president doesn’t represent our faith.”

“If we are right,” the group wrote in a letter, “this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here is a statement from Marisa McNee, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson, on the poll: This poll reflects the clear grassroots support for Amy McGrath, and confirms


AFT Local 1360

I’ve been voting since 1968.

But no campaign has more often or more personally sought my ballot than the Amy McGrath for Senate outfit.

McGrath is the Kentucky State AFL-CIO-endorsed Marine jet pilot who wants McConnell’s job.

So far, Team McGrath has mailed me a hand-written post card, sent me two text messages, and phoned me thrice—real calls, not robo-calls.

Negroes are almost entirely a working people. There are pitifully few Negro millionaires, and few Negro employers. Our needs are identical with labor's needs — decent wages, fair working conditions, livable housing, old age security, health and welfare measures, conditions in which families can grow, have education for their children and respect in the community. That is why Negroes support labor's demands and fight laws which curb labor.


AFT Local 1360

Big photos of fellow Kentuckians John Sherman Cooper and Alben Barkley hang on a wall in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's Washington office.

He considers the Republican Cooper, a senator and his old boss, and Barkley, a Democrat,  Harry Truman's vice president and Franklin D. Roosevelt's Senate majority leader, his political heroes.

EDITOR'S NOTE: McGrath is the Kentucky State AFl-CIO endorsed candidate for the US Senate.

By AMY McGrath

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a legend and a fierce advocate for justice throughout a towering life. She should be admired, remembered, and mourned tonight.

It would be nice if our politics would let even a day pass before pouncing on the death of a patriot for partisan gain. But my opponent has already done so—showing the world once again exactly who he is.


AFT Local 1360

What’s the word you don’t hear when President Donald Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell talk jobs?


Joe Biden wants Trump’s job; Amy McGrath wants McConnell’s. Biden and McGrath know union-won wages and benefits largely built the middle class.

Hence, they talk up union jobs.

The two Democrats practice what they preach. Their staffers pack union cards—McGrath’s belong to Louisville IBEW Local 369. The staffs of Republicans Trump and McConnell are non-union.

WHAT: A sixth national Moral Monday March on McConnell to demand that the Senate majority leader stop the misery, meanness and mayhem created by his refusal to act in the greatest public health crisis of our times. This time, however, in addition to flooding his phone lines at offices in Kentucky and Washington, D.C., activists will hold caravans at them, loudly expressing their insistence that Sen.