THIS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24 at 11:00am at 3000 Fern Valley Rd, Louisville, KY, join hardworking Kentuckians and our allies as we Rally to stand up for our freedoms.

Given the central role that organized labor plays in defending workers’ rights, it’s hardly surprising that the Trump administration has sought to weaken American unions.

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The Kentucky Republican came in for harsh criticism — from his own party — for sending the government over the brink.


Rand Paul took a stand, consequences be damned. And Senate Republicans are livid about it.


I proudly work for a union, Sprinkler Fitters Local 669, and am represented by a union.

Thanks to my union, I have affordable health care, a secure retirement, and a voice in my workplace. If you don't have these benefits, attacking unions won't get them for you.

I work and march and advocate with my union sisters and brothers, and would do the same for you. Join us!


Kentucky State AFL-CIO president

Of the many bad bills being filed this session HB 252 is one of the worst and will have a dramatic negative effect on unemployment benefits.

We have worked with the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy to develop some talking points—see below--which can be distributed and used to inform our members what HB 252 will do to Kentucky’s UI system. 


AFT Local 1360

Paul Walker of Murray likes the “professor” handle. But he’d prefer “congressman.”

Walker and guitarist Alonzo Pennington of Princeton are battling for their party’s nod in the May 22 Democratic primary. The winner will take on Rep. James Comer, R-Tompkinsville, who is seeking a second term. He has no primary opposition.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first in a series of stories about the quartet of candidates.


AFT Local 1360

Marshall countian Alton Cunningham is one of a quartet of union members running for the state House of Representatives in the May 22 Democratic primary.