On this day in 1955, the AFL and CIO gathered at our first joint convention. Sixty-four years later, the AFL-CIO has so much to be proud of.


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At least Gov. Bevin is consistent. 

Kentucky State AFL-CIO Executive Board Member Donna Haynes, IBEW Local 1701, presented state AFL-CIO President Bill Londrigan a silver tray in appreciation for the state AFL-CIO helping sponsor las

It’s official. Andy Beshear will be the next governor of Kentucky!

We want to give Governor-elect Beshear and Lt. Governor-elect Jacqueline Coleman something special once they are sworn in. So we’re asking supporters to digitally sign a congratulations card that we deliver to the governor’s office after the inauguration!

“We are relieved to know that Governor Bevin has finally accepted the will of the people and decided to concede the race for governor. For educators across the commonwealth this means they truly made the difference in electing Andy Beshear as our next governor.

Kentucky Building Trades Affiliates:

Governor Bevin finally conceded the election today to Governor–Elect Andy Beshear. The recanvas occurred today with no changes and Bevin conceded.

These past 4 years of the Bevin Administration were the darkest period for union construction workers and our signatory contractors in Kentucky’s history.


Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin conceded the race for governor Thursday, ending more than a week of speculation over whether he would contest the results of the Nov. 5 election, which he narrowly lost to Democrat Andy Beshear.

Bevin’s announcement came after a statewide recanvass showed minimal changes in election totals. Beshear won by less than 0.5 percentage points.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a developing story based on Bevin' opening statement. More posts will follow as the story unfolds.  


AFT Local 1360

Republican Gov. Matt Bevin conceded defeat today while wishing Andy Beshear well.

Beshear, a Democrat and the outgoing attorney general, defeated Bevin by about 5,100 votes on Nov. 5.

Bevin called for today's re-canvass, or recheck of the county totals. As expected, it didn't change the outcome.

A recanvass is expected to preserve a Democratic challenger’s narrow victory. Will Matt Bevin concede?


Beshear/Coleman Spokesperson Sam Newton: “Last week, hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians made their voices heard at the ballot box and Andy Beshear received the most votes. Governor-Elect Beshear is focused on building his transition so he can immediately begin serving the people of Kentucky on day one of his term.


AFT Local 1360

The late Sen. Joseph McCarthy, R-Wis., would be proud of GOP Gov. Matt Bevin, who lost his job to Democrat Andy Beshear on Nov. 5.