Frankfort, KY — With election day around the corner and his campaign in shambles, Matt Bevin is desperately trying to hide his record of taking away coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Not coincidentally, Barr and Rogers are two of the most anti-labor lawmakers in Washington.  Since they have been in Congress, Barr has voted the union position on issues 6 percent of the time and Rogers 14 percent, according to the current AFL-CIO Legislative Scorecard. Barr co-sponsored a national "right to work" bill.


“We were disappointed that Governor Bevin didn’t attend the NAACP candidate’s forum in Paducah last week,” said Raoul Cunningham, president of the Kentucky NAACP. “We were hopeful that both candidates would give us their positions on such critical issues such as affordable healthcare, voting rights and public education. The NAACP is the largest civil rights organization in the state, and these issues should be important to everyone.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Kentucky State AFL-CIO endorsed the entire Democratic ticket for the Nov. 5 election and endorsed Scott and Booker in 2018. 

State Reps. Attica Scott and Charles Booker, both Louisville Democrats, will be the featured speakers at a  "Stand Up, Speak Out" program set for 1 p.m. Saturday at Paducah's Washington Street Baptist Church, 721 Washington St.

The program is sponsored by the McCracken County Democratic Party.


Donald Trump was due to appear for a 4 PM ET press conference. Instead, Trump shuffled out about 40 minutes late to stumble through a rambling list of items in a tone that would have to go up several notches to reach “sepulchral.” And in the process, he failed to answer the one question directed his way concerning the Ukraine scandal, while spending a lot of time attacking and attempting to discredit the whistleblower.


A new Google Chrome browser extension will have you seeing "Moscow Mitch" whenever you look up Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the internet.

Liberal super PAC American Bridge 21st Century launched the extension, which replaces the Kentucky senator's actual name with his popular nickname on every web page.


AFT Local 1360

Memo to David Eggert and Sara Burnett of the Associated Press: UAW President Gary Jones isn’t a “Democratic union boss.” Neither are union officials, period.

In their story about the UAW strike at GM, the scribes wrote that when Donald Trump ran for president, he “pulled key voters away from their Democratic union bosses.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: Not surprisingly, Gov. Matt Bevin, Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Brett Guthrie, the latter two from Bowling Green, haven't showed up on the picket line.  

Thanks to Liles Taylor for sending us this.