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As we all know, the AFL-CIO endorsed the Biden-Harris ticket.

Jeff Wiggins, Kentucky State AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer

Mitch McConnell may make the nation ungovernable.


As I write this, it seems extremely likely that Joe Biden has won the presidency. And he clearly received millions more votes than his opponent. He can and should claim that he has been given a strong mandate to govern the nation.

We fought our hardest, all the way to the end. But ultimately, this race isn’t going to go our way.

I called Mitch McConnell to concede, and to express my sincere hope that he’ll do better by the people of Kentucky.

The truth is, we knew from the start that we were underdogs in this race. But together, we built a campaign unlike any Kentucky has ever seen and got closer to a victory than anyone thought possible. We shattered organizing and grassroots donor records. And we forced Mitch’s special interest allies to swoop in to rescue him in the final days.

There's still time to vote, if you haven't already done so! Polls close at 6pm local time and you can still get absentee ballots in the mail in time to get them postmarked for today. To learn more about how you can still vote, visit: GOVOTEKY.COM. Remember, if you're in line by 6pm, they are legally required to allow you to vote.

Today’s the day we shock the world—if we give this our all.

I expect a huge turnout at the polls today. Americans have voted successfully through wars, a Great Depression, and this pandemic—and already, over 1.5 million Kentuckians have cast a ballot in this election. When it comes to defending our democracy, nothing will stop us.


AFT Local 1360

On Jan. 31, 1944, my late father, Berry Craig Jr., was aboard a rocket-firing LCI (Landing Craft Infantry) that helped provide covering fire for the first Marine landings on Japanese-held Kwajalein Atoll in World War II.

For these past weeks, I've been privileged to provide a different--thankfully peaceful--kind of coverage for the first woman Marine to fly in a jet in combat.

Tomorrow will mark the 483rd, and final, day of this mission to defeat Mitch McConnell and defend and protect our democracy.

Before we all turn in, I wanted to share the thoughts I’ll be carrying with me into our final 24 hours.

From the very start, we’ve been the underdog in this election—few believed we’d come far, especially against a 36-year incumbent propped up by special-interest cash.

It comes down to this—election day. Early ballots indicate that we could be in for record-breaking turnout, and that is good news for Amy.