The following is a statement by Colmon Elridge, Chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party: 

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Webinar:  Thur., Sep. 23, 2021, 9 PM EDT – 10:30 PM EDT

The Kentucky Democratic Party's Kenny Fogle posted this one.

With at least 11 school employee deaths from Covid so far in Kentucky, the deaths of 3 children, and growing numbers of cases of infected children daily, we are cautiously optimistic that the House version of the mirror education bills does not currently contain an amendment like the version in the Senate, filed by Sen. Matt Castlen, R-Owensboro, effectively banning local districts from the ability to require masks.

We are hopeful that legislators will continue to fine tune the bill with the safety of all children and school employees in mind.

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We’ve got a new look, a new co-host and a new episode!

2020 and 2021 were hard for everyone. So we gave ourselves some grace and went on hiatus.

But we’re back now! And we sat down with Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh to chat about what’s happening in the world of labor.

We also have a new co-host, Carolyn Bobb! We’ll let her introduce herself in this episode.


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September 5, 2021

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