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Are you voting in November?

Berry Craig
16 Sep, 2022
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This November, organized labor will combat the power of organized money. We’re voting to protect our freedoms—and our voices will be heard. Sign the pledge to vote in November.

I Am a Voter

When workers organize, we change the world.

Unions won us safer workplaces, eight-hour workdays and the weekend.

Now we must organize at the voting booth to protect our freedoms.

We need to elect people who will fight for workers, not corporate CEOs.

Who will make it easier to join a union, not break a union.

Who will expand access to health care, not take it away.

Who believe in American democracy and the right to vote. Full stop.

Workers have the power to make a difference in this election. We will make the difference. They can outspend us, but they can never out-organize us.

So will you pledge to vote in November?

In Solidarity,