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Join us tomorrow night (June 15th) at 6pm EDT for a Workers' Rights Town Hall, hosted by our friends at the Kentucky Equal Justice Center, featuring Congressman John Yarmuth, State Rep. McKenzie Cantrell, our own KY AFL-CIO President Bill Londrigan, & workers from around KY for a panel discussion on what federal infrastructure bills could mean for Kentucky workers and families across the Commonwealth.


Gather round, children. In 1987, at the height of Reagan America and its “Just Say No” anti-drug campaign, the administration released a commercial in which a father catches his son with weed. The father is upset: why would his son buy marijuana? And the son yells out, “I learned it by watching you!” Yes, your poor choices can inflict Reefer Madness on your children.


American history is replete with warnings of impending disaster that went unheeded: Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and more recently the climate crisis, Covid-19, and 1/6. 

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Two pieces of legislation will take an important step toward fixing our unjust immigration system by providing permanent protections to vital members of our communities and our unions. Call your senators and urge them to support the Dream Act (S. 264) and the SECURE Act (S. 306) today.

The American Families Plan will make it easier for working people to care for our loved ones. It invests and builds better infrastructure for child care, education and paid leave.