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THIS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24 at 11:00am at 3000 Fern Valley Rd, Louisville, KY, join hardworking Kentuckians and our allies as we Rally to stand up for our freedoms.

Given the central role that organized labor plays in defending workers’ rights, it’s hardly surprising that the Trump administration has sought to weaken American unions.

The House of Representatives is expected to vote Wednesday on House Bill 2, a workers' compensation “reform” bill that would cut medical benefits for inju

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In September 1796, George Washington, weary of partisan combat just eight years after the ratification of the Constitution and the founding of the nation, wrote a farewell address explaining why he would not seek a third term. His message is worth remembering in our current political moment.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Bluegrass State union members will gather in Louisville for a “Working People’s Day of Action” rally in Louisville Saturday, two days before the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear the first oral arguments in Janus v. AFSCME Council 31. The rally is set for 11 a.m. to noon at the UAW 862 hall, 3000 Fern Valley Rd.


Kentucky State AFL-CIO President

As you know, HB 2, which caps benefits for injured workers at 15 years, passed the House Economic Development and Workforce Investment Committee yesterday. 

HB 2 has two readings and will get its third reading on Tuesday, and could be voted on during Tuesday’s session.  Rep. Jill York has filed Floor Amendment 1 to HB 2 – which protects and improves injured worker benefits. 


Kentucky State AFL-CIO President

Yesterday, a state House Committee voted 15-7 to pass HB2, a Workers' Compensation “Reform” bill, cutting medical benefits for injured workers. Now it is going to the House floor for a vote. This fight is far from over, but we need your help.

I'm asking you to email your State Representative now, before they vote on the House floor, to defend these benefits and affected workers--current and future.

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Join thousands of working people on Saturday, Feb. 24, and defend our voice on the job and demand an end to a rigged economy.

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