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Subject: Take Action: Call Your Senator to End the Government Shutdown



I just called my U.S. senator and urged them to #StopTheShutdown.

Every day the government stays closed, hundreds of thousands of dedicated public employees go without pay.

EDITOR'S NOTE: See  also, "Trump has entered the lying stratosphere, says Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist," by Huffington Post's Mary Papenfuss.


President Donald Trump reminds veteran Bluegrass State journalist Bill Straub of an old Kentucky expression.


Every populist politician needs a problem he can exaggerate into a crisis. Then he needs an idea — no matter how simplistic or misguided — to sell as a solution to that crisis so frightened voters will rally around him.

With President Donald Trump, the phony crisis is immigration, which has been declining for years but still scares the bejesus out of many white conservatives. Trump’s simplistic, misguided solution is a wall on the Mexico border, which no credible research has found would solve the problem or be worth the huge cost.

Glenn lawyer files motion; KDP issues statement

The Republicans on the Jim Glenn election challenge committee seized the absentee ballots from that election on Wednesday, using Kentucky State Troopers to remove them from the Daviess County Clerk’s office and transport them unsecured to Frankfort. The ballots are supposedly in the office of the House Clerk, although that has not been confirmed. The House Clerk serves under the direction of the Republican Speaker of the House, David Osborne.

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Tell Congress to repeal the tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations instead of cutting the vital programs that benefit nearly one-third of the U.S. population.