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Kentucky Center for Economic Progress

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to Holly Erwin for sending us this. I'd bet Silver State Dems wouldn't mind if Kentucky Dems adopted "Mitch McTurtle," too. 


Nevada Democrats on Tuesday unveiled their 2018 campaign mascot: a turtle holding a bag of money, meant to mock Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

Dems plan to use the turtle mascot at campaign events to tie local Republican candidates to the Senate Republican leader.


Kentucky Democratic Party

Gov. Matt Bevin revealed his anti-public education agenda in his budget proposal Tuesday night, which included proposing local school districts pick up the bill of an estimated $138 million for student transportation costs and shoulder $60 million, according to the Kentucky Education Association, in school employee health costs.

“After tonight, Kentuckians should have no doubts that Gov. Bevin lacks the innovation and vision to move this state forward,” Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Ben Self said.

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The Trump administration and Republicans in Congress want to give tax breaks to millionaires through an expensive tax plan that gives corporations more incentive to offshore jobs.

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