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The KY State Senate is on the floor, and will soon begin debate on HB 2, a Workers' Compensation “reform” bill, cutting medical benefits for injured workers.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The People’s House Project has endorsed Alonzo Pennington for Congress in the First District. "Alonzo is a musician, a hunting guide, a dad and a true champion for the workin

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It’s time to embrace unions.


Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are running scared. After the Republican candidate who ran with the ardent backing of the Republican Speaker of the House and the Republican president lost a special election for a Pennsylvania congressional seat in a district that was so Republican-friendly that Donald Trump won it by 20 points and the former GOP congressman regularly ran without opposition, the men who define the Republican Party as it now exists had to explain their loss.

More than 100 people showed up in Owensboro today for a rally against Senate Bill 1, the Republican plan to gut pensions for teachers and other public employees.

"Around 30 percent were building trades members," said Todd Johnson, an organizer with Sprinkler Fitters UA Local 669.  

Reporters from the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer and WTVW-TV news, Evansville, Ind., covered the protest.

Click here to listen to singer-songwriter-hunting-guide-congressional candidate Alonzo Pennington croon "Temper, Temper, Little Matt."

The Princeton Democrat is running in the First District primary on May 22. 

"My good friend, Mr. Berry Craig, wrote this song," the candidate said. "And we'd like to send it out to all the teachers out there fighting to keep the money they've already earned, and we'd especially like to dedicate this number to the one and only, Gov. Matt Bevin."

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We need strong protections against the deceptive and abusive practices of big banks and predatory lenders to prevent another financial meltdown. Tell your Senator to reject the Bank Lobbyist Act.