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After months of pressure from activists, CMS thought they could fool us by replacing the controversial Medicare Direct Contracting program with the nearly identical (and in m

Governor announces lowest recorded unemployment rate in Kentucky history


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Winners in Tuesday's Democratic primary included three members of our union family: Chad Aull, Sue Foster and Keith Pruitt.

The Kentucky State AFL-CIO-endorsed trio will be on the ballot for the state House of Representatives this fall.

GOP infighting continues party’s race to the bottom

From Sebastian Kitchen, Kentucky Democratic Party executive director

Booker campaign statement: Charles Booker, descendant of slaves in Kentucky, becomes the first Black Kentuckian to win a major party nomination for U.S.  Senate

LOUISVILLE, KY – In a historic victory, Charles Booker has won the Kentucky Democratic Primary election for U.S. Senate. Booker is the first Black Kentuckian to receive the Democratic nomination.

With more than 48% of the vote counted, Booker has received 72% of Democratic votes.

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