Emperor Mitch is missing his duds

EDITOR'S NOTE: We got this from Lt. Col. Gene Nettles, U.S. Army retired, who lives in Fulton County, as far west as Kentucky goes. Gene is a combat veteran of Vietnam and an ex-paratrooper with 125 jumps under his belt. He served with the 82nd and 101st Airborne (Air Assault) divisions and the South Vietnamese airborne forces.


An old man running around naked is quite a sight—a child could discern that he has no clothing.

We have long known that Mitch has nothing but disdain for the average Kentuckian.

He thinks they don’t know that the 83 percent of the tax cut he engineered benefitted the wealthiest. 

He falsely brags about how well he cares for all, especially the poor and middle class.

Mitch championed a bill to prohibit coronavirus lawsuits, even against the most egregious employers who refuse to provide protective equipment or allow employees to wear their own protective clothing.

His actions to guide a Putin buddy through the permitting process for an aluminum processing plant in Kentucky smells of an invitation to send Russian spies into the heart of the United States. His refusal to pass laws to protect our elections---resembles a Putinesque, un-American portrait.

As Senate Republican majority leader he has been powerless to muster enough Republican votes to pass a bill to extend needed federal unemployment benefits, help  small businesses and assist city and state operations to support essential  services.