'James, grow a spine'

We thank Holly Erwin of Graves County for emailing us a copy of this letter she sent to James Comer, the First District’s Trump-hugging, union-busting congressman.

Dear Congressman Comer:

I think, if you’d think for yourself and not use party talking points, you’d agree this is the most fair process in the history of impeachment. Republicans have lost their soul in support of the con man in the White House.  Christian??? He’s using his office like a Ponzi scheme!!  His kids are doing quite well too. They’ve circumvented security clearances, sent totally unqualified people to do foreign policy, selling off our public lands to mining, oil and logging. Supporting him has thrown you into the pot of those who disregard our National Security, cozying up to Putin, a man known to be an enemy of Democracy, Kim Jong-un, and now Recep Tayyip Erdogan, allowing Turkey to ramp up their nuclear program….(smh...shaking my head)  James, grow a spine, think for yourself. You’re selling your soul, any integrity you may have left for filthy lucre.

Your constituent,

Holly Erwin