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KDP: Cameron Continues Weaponizing Office Against Opponents in Both Parties

Berry Craig
19 Jan, 2023
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Cameron used Attorney General’s Office against at least four opponents


FRANKFORT, Ky. (Jan. 19, 2023) – With Attorney General Daniel Cameron using his office yet again this week to attack a political opponent, Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Colmon Elridge released the following statement:

“Daniel Cameron has made it increasingly clear he will use his office not to make Kentucky safer, but to go after political opponents in both parties. Daniel Cameron violated ethics laws by instigating baseless investigations against Governor Beshear and has now ruled over and over against his GOP opponents in the 2023 election. Daniel Cameron isn’t fighting for Kentucky – he’s fighting anyone who’s a threat to his ambition – and he’s using a state office and state employees to do it. ”

Along with violating ethics laws to investigate a political opponent, Cameron has now:

  • Ruled against fellow Republican officeholder and gubernatorial candidate Ryan Quarles in all three appeals since the primary began. This includes Cameron siding with the Kentucky Democratic Party and not a fellow Republican here and here. See news report here.
  • Ruled that Alan Keck and City of Somerset violated the Open Records Act (consolidating six appeals).
  • Ruled in favor of an appeal seeking records regarding Kelly Craft.