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From the KDP: Will GOP Legislators Start Listening, Stop Standing in the Way?

Berry Craig
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Republican majority playing politics, ignoring voters


Frankfort, Ky. - It’s clear from Governor Andy Beshear’s decisive re-election what Kentuckians want to see from their representatives in Frankfort. They support compassionate, pragmatic leadership that puts people over politics and moves the Commonwealth forward without leaving anyone behind. Not only did Governor Beshear increase his margin of victory from 2019, but he received more votes than his opponent in half of Kentucky’s legislative districts by talking about his support for public education, healthcare access, and his record of delivering on economic development and infrastructure. Even Republican Secretary of State Michael Adams admits that Republicans missed the mark by focusing on issues that became “sideshow attractions” and that Republicans “have to do better.” Despite this unmistakable message, Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer are already refusing to work with Governor Andy Beshear to deliver for Kentuckians, stating that “there’s no incentive.”

“Kentucky sent a loud message on November 7th about what they want to see in Frankfort–raises for our hard working educators, universal Pre-K, expansion of affordable healthcare, and exceptions to Kentucky’s cruel abortion ban,” said Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Anna Breedlove. “Is Senator Thayer admitting that the GOP majority in the Kentucky Legislature won’t deliver on these bi-partisan priorities? Delivering for the people of Kentucky isn’t incentive enough for him? Thayer’s own district preferred Governor Beshear over Daniel Cameron. Kentuckians deserve representatives who will actually deliver for Kentuckians and who listen to their constituents instead of playing partisan games. The filing deadline is January 5th for all of the House seats and for the Senate seats on the ballot next year including Thayer’s and we invite those who will fight for Kentucky’s future and to move this state forward while lifting everybody up to reach out to us.”