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Kentucky State AFL-CIO statement on Gov. Andy Beshear's veto of SB 7

Berry Craig
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Thank you Governor Andy Beshear. He was right to veto SB 7. It is special legislation, targeting public employees. This bill seeks to stifle the free speech of public sector workers while undermining their representation in the workplace and in Frankfort.
@govandybeshear understands that SB 7 takes aim at the paychecks of public employees, prohibiting their right to pay their union dues and make PAC fund contributions through paycheck deductions, while making exceptions for the labor organizations representing police, fire & corrections.
Andy knows union dues are NOT political contributions and can’t be used as such. That's why there's a need for separate PAC deductions.
Dues are no different than other deductions like health insurance or nonprofit donations or even taxes; and these deductions have been in place for decades, without a fiscal impact to the employers.