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Northern Kentucky Tribune: Bill Straub: Maybe Daniel Cameron was premature in taking on popular incumbent Andy Beshear

Berry Craig
17 Sep, 2023
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Word is that Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell was hoping his protégé, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, would skip this year’s governor’s race and let someone else take on the popular Democratic incumbent, Andy Beshear.

It’s been speculated that McConnell, of Louisville, might have wanted Cameron to bide his time over the next four years by returning as attorney general and then, possibly, run to replace him on Capitol Hill should he decide not to seek re-election at the ripe old age of 84.

Cameron, however, is a politician and is, therefore, the ambitious sort. He had his own ideas. Unwilling to wait his political turn, Cameron jumped into the governor’s race, defeating a large crowd of primary contenders for the opportunity to oppose Beshear in a rapidly developing Republican state this fall.

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