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Philadelphia Inquirer Opinion: UAW strike is exposing the fraud that GOP is the party of the working class

Berry Craig
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EDITOR'S NOTE: See also UAW strike: 'Trump is standing with the corporate elite against workers'

Republicans have been crowing that they're now the party of the working class, so why do they oppose higher pay for workers?


Republicans woke up on Nov. 4, 2020 looking for the silver lining behind a cloudy election. Sure, the GOP’s leader, Donald Trump, was on his way to losing the White House, but he’d racked up a surprising 74 million votes, and Republicans had won some key House races. The reason, party leaders crowed, was a surge in support from the working class — mainly white folks, but more Latino blue-collar voters and even some African Americans.

“We are a working-class party now,” Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley had tweeted on Election Night. “That’s our future.”

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