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Presidential elections make the biggest political news. This year is no exception.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This message, from the USW, is more proof, as if proof were needed, that Donald Trump is as phony as his Tang-hued hair. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Kentucky State AFL-CIO endorsed Rep. Howard.


AFT Local 1360

Hear the snickering behind our backs?

Recent News

Update: Trump will accept election results if he wins.

This just in: Trump tweeted that "Crooked Hillary" was given the questions in advance of the debate. Of course, he offered no proof.


AFT Local 1360

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Kentucky State AFL-CIO endorsed Rep. Steele.

House Democrats like State Representative Fitz Steele - are the last barrier to unchecked power in the hands of those want to halt and reverse progress. As you saw with the cuts to higher education, public health, and much more in the Governor’s budget and vetoes, a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate would be cataclysmic for Kentucky.


At a time when unions are under vicious attacks by the Koch Brothers, reactionary state Republican legislators and greedy employers, it’s opportune to recall Abraham Lincoln’s prophetic message to Congress in 1861. This was Lincoln ‘s message:

            Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the

            fruit of labor and could never have existed if labor had not first


AFT Local 1360

The TV talking heads have been abuzz of late about Hillary Clinton apparently trimming Donald Trump’s lead in Red State Georgia, Texas and Arizona.

Do they need to add Kentucky to the list?

A brand-new Lex 18 poll has Trump up by 3 in the Bluegrass State.  

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Some Wall Street billionaires are paying less in taxes than teachers, nurses and other working people. It's time for Congress to end this unfair tax loophole.