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Happy Turkey Day.

AFGE-led coalition calls on Congress to reject proposed legislation that would cause the dismantling of the nation’s largest health care system

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Kentucky Democratic Party chair

When I’ve talked to folks over the last week about being elected chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party, the first question I am often asked is,  “What are your ideas for the party?”

And while I’m usually happy to share my ideas on how we can make the KDP stronger, I’m always much more excited to turn the question around and ask the person for their ideas. That’s really where many of the best ideas originate — from Democrats all across the state.


We know you're looking forward to a long and restful weekend, but before you leave, please take a moment to call legislators about pensions: 1-800-372-7181.


AFT Local 1360

Old joke from when my native Kentucky was a Democratic state:

Republican: “You’d vote for the devil if he ran as a Democrat.”

Democrat: “Not if he ran in the primary.”

Not a joke from 2017 Alabama:

Democrat: “You’d vote for an alleged pedophile if he ran as a Republican.”

Thanks to Daniel Hurt for sending us this.


NAs we watch Roy Moore thumping his Bible to defend himself from accusations of child molestation, let me toss out a verbal hand grenade: To some degree, liberals practice the values that conservatives preach.

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The Republican tax plan will give 50% of its tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy while raising taxes for 25% of working families. Tell Congress to reject tax plans that harm working people.

Florida's working families have seen devastating flooding, rains, winds and destruction to their homes, possessions and livelihoods. Help them by contributing to the Florida AFL-CIO’s Worker Relief Fund today.

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