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Last week, Senate Republicans waited until 1:30 in the morning to take the first step towards repealing the Affordable Care Act. But U.S. Congressman John Yarmuth joined other Democrats and stood up against the GOP's efforts to repeal the ACA.

High-quality, affordable health care is vital to the livelihood of all Kentuckians. Since the Medicaid expansion and implementation of the state-based exchange, Kentucky has seen steady improvements in noted health measures, as well as a positive economic impact.

Worried about the direction of our government? Don’t just tweet. Don’t just protest. Get in there and do something about it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to Chris Ormes for sharing this with us. "Higdon" is state Sen. Jimmy Higdon, R-Lebanon, the majority whip.


AFT Local 1360

Billy Thompson, Frankfort-based United Steelworkers District 8 director, has a warning for Kentucky lawmakers who recently voted for a trio of union-busting bills.

“We’re developing a ‘Wall of Shame,’” he said. “We’re going to put on it the names of the people who are against Kentucky working families.”

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Tom Price, the nominee for secretary of health and human services, has supported plans to replace Medicare with an underfunded voucher system and leave seniors overwhelmed by high costs on the private insurance market.

Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of labor—fast food CEO Andrew Puzder—would be a disaster for working Americans. He’s railed against a meaningful increase in the minimum wage, opposed expanding overtime pay and supported replacing working people with machines.