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Happy Turkey Day.

AFGE-led coalition calls on Congress to reject proposed legislation that would cause the dismantling of the nation’s largest health care system


AFT Local 1360

The Union Edge: Labor’s Talk Radio is offering listeners a chance to earn a monthly shout-out on social media, exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, extended interviews, off-air discussions, gifts and more for as little as $5 a month.

The program is called Patreon. “It’s very much in the spirit of unions,” said Nathan Ruggles, community relations director for the nationally-syndicated, Pittsburgh-based program.


Kentucky Democratic Party chair

When I’ve talked to folks over the last week about being elected chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party, the first question I am often asked is,  “What are your ideas for the party?”

And while I’m usually happy to share my ideas on how we can make the KDP stronger, I’m always much more excited to turn the question around and ask the person for their ideas. That’s really where many of the best ideas originate — from Democrats all across the state.


We know you're looking forward to a long and restful weekend, but before you leave, please take a moment to call legislators about pensions: 1-800-372-7181.


AFT Local 1360

Old joke from when my native Kentucky was a Democratic state:

Republican: “You’d vote for the devil if he ran as a Democrat.”

Democrat: “Not if he ran in the primary.”

Not a joke from 2017 Alabama:

Democrat: “You’d vote for an alleged pedophile if he ran as a Republican.”

Thanks to Daniel Hurt for sending us this.


NAs we watch Roy Moore thumping his Bible to defend himself from accusations of child molestation, let me toss out a verbal hand grenade: To some degree, liberals practice the values that conservatives preach.

Daniel Hurt of Grand Rivers, the 2017 Youth Labor Award winner, plugged unions in a recent guest appearance on "Berry Craig's Notebook," a cable TV talk show in Paducah. 

Hurt, the 24-year-old chair of the Livingston County Democratic party and one of the youngest members of the state party's central executive committee, talked about the future of his party and welcomed union support.

President of the West Kentucky Young Democrats, Hurt also was on the special committee that nominated the new party chair, Ben Self, whom the central committee confirmed. 


AFT Local 1360

Louisville labor leader Richard Becker is the first Democrat to file in the May primary for retiring State Rep. Jim Wayne’s seat.


AFT Local 1360

Kentucky farmers who hire migrant workers aren’t always happy to see Stephen Bartlett.

So the Farm Labor Organizing Committee’s Bluegrass State organizer enjoys telling a story about a Green County tobacco grower.

“After organizing a successful mediation with this farmer and his H-2A guest workers, he told me he needed a union, too,” said the Louisville-based Bartlett, who spoke at the recent Kentucky State AFL-CIO convention in Lexington.