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Happy Turkey Day.

AFGE-led coalition calls on Congress to reject proposed legislation that would cause the dismantling of the nation’s largest health care system

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to President Bill Londrigan for sending us this story. Chuck Jones, retired president of USW Local 1999 at Carrier, was a featured speaker at the recent state AFL-CIO convention in Lexington. Click here to see a Liles Taylor video in which Jones tells about taking on Trump.

The stock market is up, but what does that have to do with national well-being when the economy is so unequal and democracy so corrupt?


The right-wing spin machine lately has been making much of the “booming” stock market. Stuart Varney, a long-time Fox News and Fox Business bombasticator, declared recently that there has been a $5 trillion increase in “the nation’s wealth” since Trump’s election. Varney's audience—the idiotic hosts of “Fox and Friends”—were left agape and aghast.


AFT Local 1360

If you missed the Donald Trump Halloween joke, don’t worry. Gleeful Democrats are retelling it:

“What do Donald Trump and a pumpkin have in common?”

“They’re both orange on the outside, hollow on the inside and should be tossed out in early November.”

AFT Local 1360

Conservatives should be glad truth-in-labeling laws don’t apply to them.

“Save our Pensions” is the latest GOP sleight-of-hand in Kentucky. It’s a slogan cooked up by a group that’s all in for Gov. Matt Bevin’s pension plan that shafts public employees.


AFT Local 1360

Daniel Hurt, 24, of Grand Rivers, earned the Youth Labor Award at the Kentucky State AFL-CIO Convention in Lexington Monday night.

"It was a religious experience," said a grinning Hurt after hearing UMWA President Cecil Roberts raise the roof during his keynote address to about 150 cheering and clapping delegates, family and friends at the Embassy Suites hotel.   


A staff member for the House Republican Caucus said she was “basically put on paid suspension” for reporting a “toxic” workplace culture that included sexual harassment in the Kentucky House of Representatives.


Poor Johnny Lunchbucket. He’s been had.

President Trump promised to look out for the forgotten man and to fix a “rigged” tax system. Now he and congressional Republicans have proposed a tax cut that makes the rich richer and shifts the burden onto the working class.

Town hall-style meetings on public pensions are set for Tuesday in Paducah and Wednesday in Louisville.

The Paducah and McCracken County Education Association are sponsoring “A Pension is a Promise!” forum at the Clemens Fine Arts Center on the West Kentucky Community and Technical College campus. The program is scheduled to last from 6 to 7:30 p.m. local time.

Organizers especially hope state employees will attend.