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AFGE-led coalition calls on Congress to reject proposed legislation that would cause the dismantling of the nation’s largest health care system


AFT Local 1360

The Kentucky Democratic party is out with a short video criticizing House Republicans for refusing "to stand up against sexual harassment." 

These proposals won’t become a reality in the current political climate, but they show a party establishment embracing its progressive wing.


Flanked by union officials, Democratic leaders on Wednesday unveiled a comprehensive plan to overhaul federal law in a way that would strengthen the ailing labor movement and make it easier for U.S. workers to unionize.

Thanks to Daniel Hurt of the Kentucky Young Democrats for sending us this story.


Kentucky House Speaker Jeff Hoover has reached a confidential settlement over sexual harassment allegations by a woman who works on his legislative staff, according to sources with direct knowledge of the matter who spoke with Courier Journal.


AFT Local 1360

The day after Republican Matt Bevin was elected governor, a teacher who voted for Democrat Jack Conway walked into her public school and ran into a small huddle of angry teachers.

"We're ready to go to Frankfort and protest!" griped one, speaking for the group. "We voted for Bevin, but we didn't know he was going to hurt our pensions."

DID HILLARY CLINTON sell the country’s uranium to Russia in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation? Did the Democrats collude with Russian nationals to tip the election against Donald Trump?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The pro-pension cuts reform group, Save Our Pensions Kentucky, has been spending money on ads to promote the pension bill which harms teachers and other public employees, as well as students and families.  We have a better message, and we'd like you to help spread the word. How can you help?  Watch these ads, then share them with your friends and followers on social media:  

I don't know if they give Emmys for YouTube videos, but this one would get our vote. Check it out and share it!