Covid-19 News

Housing law prohibits landlords from discriminating against renters with disabilities, and experts say having COVID-19 qualifies. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

We asked people what they’re doing with their down time. They told us everything, from painting wall murals to launching virtual baking clubs. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

FDA issues new supermarket, food retail safety guidelines to protect workers, customers
Because the agency's authority is limited to food safety, it cannot require businesses to limit the number of customers who enter their establishments. CLICK HERE TO READ. 

"If you're at home, or just socially distant, it's a great time to watch some union documentaries, now on YouTube--old favorites like Union Maids, With Babies and Banners, A History of Labor Unions and more," says Bill, a union activist and historian from Baltimore. Click here to watch; there are 14 documentaries on the list.