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Endorsements 2024

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US House of Representatives

1st CDErin Marshall
3rd CDMorgan McGarvey

Judge of the KY Court of Appeals

1st Dist./2nd Div.Lisa Payne Jones

Justice of the KY Supreme Court

5th DistrictPamela R. Goodwine

KY State Senate

5th DistrictJamie Skudlarek
9th DistrictKaren Pennington
13th DistrictReggie Thomas
17th DistrictKiana Fields
19th DistrictCassie Chambers Armstrong
23rd DistrictJennifer Sierra
27th DistrictMolly Gene Crain
29th DistrictJohnnie L. Turner
31st DistrictPhilip Wheeler, Jr.
33rd DistrictGerald Neal
35th DistrictKeturah Herron
37th DistrictDavid Yates

KY House of Representatives

1st DistrictFredrick Fountain 45th DistrictAdam Moore
3rd DistrictCarrie Gottschalk Singler 46th DistrictAlan "Al" Gentry
4th DistrictLloyd Smith 47th DistrictRobb Adams
5th DistrictLauren Hines 48th DistrictKate Farrow
6th DistrictLinda Story Edwards 60th DistrictDeborah Ison Flowers
9th DistrictTwyla Dillard 62nd DistrictKevin Kidwell
10th DistrictDemocratic Primary: John Whipple 64th DistrictHeather Crabbe
10th DistrictRepublican Primary: Julie Cantwell 65th DistrictAaron Currin
12th DistrictAlton Ayer 66th DistrictPeggy Houston-Nienaber
14th DistrictScott Lewis 67th DistrictMatthew Lehman
24th DistrictJohnny Pennington 68th DistrictK. Brandon Long
27th DistrictTyler Chapman 69th DistrictWilanne Stangel
28th DistrictAlmaria Baker 71st DistrictRachelle Riddle
30th DistrictDaniel Grossberg 75th DistrictLindsey Burke
31st DistrictColleen Davis 76th DistrictJames " Jamie" Palumbo
32nd DistrictTina Bojanowski 77th DistrictGeorge A. Brown Jr.
33rd DistrictTaylor Jolly 79th DistrictChad Aull
34th DistrictSarah Stalker 88th DistrictCherlynn Stevenson
35th DistrictLisa Willner 89th DistrictTimmy Truett
36th DistrictWilliam "Woody" Zorn 92nd DistrictJohn Blanton
37th DistrictJohn Stovall 93rd DistrictAdrielle Camuel
38th DistrictRachel Roarx 95th DistrictAshley Tackett Laferty
40th DistrictNima Kulkarni 97th DistrictBobby W. McCool
41st DistrictMary Lou Marzian 98th DistrictAaron Thompson
43rd DistrictPamela D. Stevenson 100th DistrictScott L. Sharp
44th DistrictBeverly Chester-Burton