From the AFL-CIO: PRO Act PETITION: I support workers and democracy!

Thanks to Liles Taylor for sending us this.

The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is the labor law reform we need to protect workers and democracy. If the PRO Act passes in the Senate, President Biden will sign it into law.

Tell your senators that you support unions, working people and the PRO Act!

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Workers’ rights are under attack.

Our outdated labor laws have been chipped away and weakened by anti-worker legislators. Every day, we hear about corporations openly union-busting and retaliating against workers without consequence.

That’s why we need the PRO Act, the most significant worker empowerment legislation since the Great Depression. If it passes, it would:

Empower workers to form unions and bargain over wages and work conditions.

Hold corporations accountable for union-busting.

Repeal “right to work” laws, which were created during the Jim Crow era to divide Black and White workers.

When we have strong unions, we have higher wages, safer working conditions and dignity for all people who work. Passing the PRO Act is our first step to getting there.

Whether your senators support the PRO Act or not, help us keep up the pressure and make it clear to them that the PRO Act is a priority for working people. Add your name today.

In Solidarity,