From The American Ledger: Multimillionaire Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Hit With Multiple Liens After Failing to Pay Taxes on Summer Home


Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, a multimillionaire who often preaches fiscal responsibility to his working- and middle-class constituents, was months late paying property taxes on his summer home in Maine the last two years, continuing a pattern of delinquent payments dating back nearly two decades.

Bevin, who is up for re-election in November, was late paying his taxes so often that the town of Greenwood, Maine, had to repeatedly issue liens against the property until he paid up, according to town records.

In August, Bevin, who grew up in New Hampshire not far from the Greenwood property, paid more than $800 in fines and interest on the 2017 tax bill that was due in April after a lien was placed against the property.

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