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From the ARA: Social Security and Medicare Are on the Chopping Block

Berry Craig
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Extremists in Congress are demanding a vote on legislation that would make it easier to slash Social Security and Medicare. Some are even threatening to shut the government down if they don’t get their way.

This legislation is dangerous.The bills would create a so-called “fiscal commission” that would be able to fast-track cuts behind closed doors with no public input.

There is a better way – making sure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share into Social Security and Medicare. But these politicians are determined to cut the benefits we’ve earned over a lifetime of work.

Send a message now. Click to demand that your senators and representative oppose any legislation calling for a “fiscal commission.”

Americans have earned their Social Security and Medicare through a lifetime of hard work. We should be expanding benefits – not making it easier for politicians to cut them without public input.

Please click here to urge Congress to protect Social Security and Medicare by opposing “fiscal commission” legislation.

Thanks for all you do,


Richard Fiesta

Executive Director

Alliance for Retired Americans