From the Beshear-Coleman campaign: Andy Beshear: "I'll disclose the purpose & funding for every time I take the state plane"

Andy Beshear is taking to social media to announce a new policy on being transparent with the state plane, stating: 

"As AG, I’ve led with transparency by releasing my tax returns. As governor, I’ll continue to do so — and I'll disclose the purpose and funding for every time I take the state plane. It is your property and your business to know how your governor uses it."
This comes after the Louisville Courier-Journal reported last night that "the list of flights released by Bevin's office is far from complete, as it fails to document many trips taken by the governor on aircraft owned by the Kentucky State Police for political campaign events and other reasons not related to his duties as governor that still remain a secret to taxpayers." 
The Courier-Journal continued: "According to state police flight logs obtained by the Courier Journal through open records requests and other available public records, the governor used a state-owned plane to fly to Wisconsin, Chicago and Miami in July and August for reasons that have still not been disclosed. These three out-of-state flights taken this summer, as well as seven flights he took within the state during August to attend political campaign events and fundraisers, are not included in the list Bevin released on Thursday."