From the Beshear-Coleman campaign: Beshear questions Bevin's special session call

Today, Attorney General Andy Beshear explained his concerns with the manner Matt Bevin called his special session. He also offered a simple solution of Bevin amending the proclamation. Instead of accepting this solution, Governor Bevin chose to lash out with his all too familiar “but your father” attack. 

As AG Beshear outlined this morning, here are the very key differences between the proclamation Governor Steve Beshear issued in 2008 and the proclamation Governor Matt Bevin issued in 2019. Please note “the proclamation” is the part of each document that starts with “Now, therefore,” and ends with the signature of the governor. 

  • In 2008, Steve Beshear issued a call for a special session. The proclamation was one paragraph dealing with pension reform, and asked the General Assembly to consider the “principles” in an attached draft bill.

  • By comparison, Matt Bevin’s proclamation was numerous pages that contained what he presented as 12 nonseverable, nonnegotiable terms that must be included in final legislation. There is a big, and more importantly, a significant legal difference.

The Kentucky New Era clearly explained why Bevin’s proclamation puts the special session in legal jeopardy, stating: “It is even appropriate for the governor to propose a bill. While that's all fine and good, the proclamation and parameters for this "extraordinary" special session seek to limit any deliberation or discussion and restricts lawmakers to his plan alone. The constitution is clear that the governor should define the subject of discussion, but it does not grant executive power to restrict the discussion and procedure in reaching a solution.”

Instead of recognizing that he was wrong and would implement the simple solution outlined, Governor Bevin chose to lash out in a politically charged letter. This letter to the legislature falsely said: “Notably absent from the Attorney General’s remarks today is any concern about what will happen to rape crisis centers…” 

However, Attorney General Beshear clearly said during his press conference: “We don’t want any rape crisis center, we don’t want any child advocacy center shutting down.”
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