From The Beshear-Coleman campaign: Washington Post Ranks KY #3 On List of Gov Races Most Likely to Flip Parties in 2019 & 2020

The Washington Post just ranked Kentucky numbers three on their list of "governor’s races most likely to flip parties in 2019 and 2020." 

The Washington Post noted: “...Gov. Matt Bevin (R) is here for two reasons: 1) He’s a broadly unpopular governor, whose brash style has his own Republican lieutenant governor suing him, a Republican state senator actively campaigning against him and fights with teachers that have reverberated. 2) Democrats have nominated a big name for the state, Attorney General Andy Beshear.”
Inside Elections and the Cook Political Report have ranked Kentucky as a toss-up, with recent polling showing that Andy Beshear consistently leads Matt Bevin by as much as nine points.