Bevin concedes, wishes Beshear well

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a developing story based on Bevin' opening statement. More posts will follow as the story unfolds.  


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Republican Gov. Matt Bevin conceded defeat today while wishing Andy Beshear well.

Beshear, a Democrat and the outgoing attorney general, defeated Bevin by about 5,100 votes on Nov. 5.

Bevin called for today's re-canvass, or recheck of the county totals. As expected, it didn't change the outcome.

The re-canvas was not quite finished when Bevin appeared at a Capitol press conference shortly after 2:15 p.m. eastern time.

Bevin had cited unspecified "irregularites" in the balloting. "We know of some things but not enough to cause us to believe there's going to be meaningful change," he said in his opening statement. 

The governor said that Beshear won "based on the vote of the people" and that he wanted "to see the absolute best for Kentucky." He promised not "to contest these  numbers that have come in. It isn't fair to throw that on our legislature."

He also said he truly wished "the attorney general well as the next governor of this state as he assumes these responsibilities."